Meet Twinify Technologies

Twinify Technologies designs and builds digital twins to empower your journey towards Full Digital Transformation where you have complete access to live, actionable data with constant updates and can understand and act on the story your data tells. Our flexible digital twin solutions integrate with and complement your existing systems to deliver robust, reliable results that liberate you to choose your future on your own terms. 

Our Vision:

Accelerate the full potential of the Digital Industrial Revolution.

Our Mission:

Develop and deliver superior, future-focused digital solutions so you can achieve world-class efficiency and competitiveness.

Our Team

Our senior staff are recognized leaders in the field with decades of experience at ASME and Black & Veatch, leading startups and pioneering developments in advanced technologies, analytics, power/industrial asset management, computer-based design, simulation, strategy and planning tools and AI solutions.

Our Board

We are fortunate to access the wealth of experience and depth of knowledge provided by our industry-recognized advisors. Andy, Dale, Paul, and Tricia, we appreciate you!

Industry Leaders

As industry leaders, our team is heavily engaged in conversations about the future direction of the field and the role of Digital Twins. 

Twinify in the media:

Press release announcement

Russel Ray interview with CTO Scott Stallard, formerly of Black & Veatch

Be on the lookout for our featured article in the October issue Mechanical Engineering Magazine!

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