Preparing You to Tackle the Future

Our digital twins allow you to simulate what you intend to buy before it’s built, understand how it’s operating, and make better decisions about it at any time in its life. This allows for tighter management, improved operations and maintenance, and optimization strategies that can be altered as your demands, regulatory requirements, and evolving sustainability needs dictate.

Composability and Embeddability

Two concepts unlock the full power of digital twins: composability and embeddability.  In the digital twin space, composability means various twins and analytic systems work in concert with each other to combine intelligence and insights and fully address the breadth of opportunity.  The true value of composability comes from combining our components with and within those developed by others. To maximize this embeddability, our APIs enable third parties to embed their components into the Twinify experience alongside native Twinify components, and our components are easily embedded into third party platforms. 

These two concepts, composability and embeddability, create new solutions to solve your evolving concerns, radically improving and extending the power of your digital twins both for the modeled assets and within the context of the markets served by these assets.

Act and Plan with Confidence

Twinify delivers next generation digital twin solutions that help investors, owners and operators of asset-intensive industries improve their business outcomes. We apply a unique combination of technology, content and expertise to rapidly deliver digital solutions tailored to your needs. You get unprecedented insights into your assets’ past, present and simulated future performance in order to optimize near-term actions and long-term goals.

We possess a unique combination of domain expertise within the physical and engineering realms of the industries we serve, analytics, software design, and cloud-based deployment that enable us to efficiently build and deliver digital twins and deploy analytics capabilities. Furthermore, ASME and Black & Veatch’s rich heritage in design and construction of physical facilities, systems design, operations, and reliability lends expertise as we construct digital twins.

Proven Technologies and Expertise

Twinify brings a strong digital twin design and delivery platform founded on key capabilities:


  • Library of performance and simulation tools that drive a deep understanding of system and plant performance based on 20+ years in power, water, and industrial settings.
  • Black & Veatch’s Adaptive PlanningTM performance and simulation digital toolbox and applications. Twinify builds from a strong legacy of analytics solutions for examining performance, capacity, reliability, environmental compliance, market/trading, risk, and financial outcomes. These analytics enable direct examination of different actions, outcomes, and risk/profitability projections by exploring the combination of actions against alternative future conditions such as weather, markets, regulations, or rate of technology adoption.
  • ASME’s rich portfolio of performance and risk standards.  Power Test Codes (PTC) offer proven methods to enable a robust understanding of current state of performance of equipment, systems, and facilities.
  • Black & Veatch and ASME domain expertise in maintenance and reliability.  Understanding the domain from the nature of and source of potential issues through corrective actions offers the basis for classification, root cause analysis, and maintenance planning.
  • nDimensional’s industrial-strength digital twin platform that enables Twinify to rapidly build, test and package a broad range of domain expert math, artificial intelligence models and data-driven visuals and to seamlessly deploy them as production applications at any scale.
  • Broad integration capabilities.  Our digital twins efficiently work in coordination with other systems of digital twins, IoT platforms, and downstream applications to intrinsically enable robust integrations beyond data to consider events, actions, outcomes, models, and algorithms specific to each situation.


Digital twin technologies and the robust operational strategies they enable are essential to enhancing competitiveness, efficiency, and scalability. We know that you have a unique set of needs to be addressed. We understand where you need help and are here to augment your current systems. Our team knows how to take the complex challenges you face and provide accurate, comprehensive, data-rich digital twin solutions. We meet your challenges head-on with practical experience, tech-savvy expertise, ready-to-implement models, and cloud-enabled math and AI.

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