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Founded in 2022, we are on a mission to help our clients realize the full potential of the digital industrial revolution. We’re committed to building and delivering superior digital twin solutions for industrial clients, providing real time, value-driven, analytic insights from the asset level to the portfolio level. 

Drawing on the combined strengths of our founding partner companies, ASME and Black & Veatch, as well as our unique technology relationship with nDimensional of Boston, Twinify develops and deploys digital twin solutions that draw on deep domain knowledge and centuries of industrial expertise. Simultaneously, we’re transforming the static analog standards of the past into live, digital standards designed to achieve dramatic improvements for all our clients.At Twinify, we aim to provide our clients with the insight to track performance and resilience with unparalleled accuracy and precision to allow for full lifecycle planning and optimization. Join us on this exciting technological campaign to reimagine industry and unlock the full potential of the Digital Industrial Revolution!

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