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Twinify revolutionizes asset-intensive companies with cutting-edge digital twins. Reduce risk, improve efficiency, save money, and more transparently manage your assets.

The Twinify Platform: Optimize Your Assets with Actionable Insights

By creating virtual replicas of physical assets, Twinify enables real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and optimal resource allocation. You get data-backed insights into your assets’ past, present, and simulated future in order to optimize near-term actions and long-term goals.

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Monitor asset performance and health with configured, asset-specific models. Benchmark against industry standards and expected behavior to quickly identify areas for improvement.

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Financial Analysis

Access actual and forecasted production costs to optimize financial performance. Stay on top of expenses and make informed decisions to create better ROI.

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Formulate strategic scenarios to drive ideal business outcomes: explore, conceptualize, act, and adapt.

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Effectively assess and evaluate asset risk based on asset condition, history, and anomalous behaviors. Explore actions and outcomes to mitigate potential failures in a digital environment before implementing in the real world.

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Compliance, ESGs, and technology choice. Evolve towards more sustainable asset management practices and a positive global impact.

Benefits of Digital Twins

Reduce Costs

Twinify uncovers better asset efficiency and reduced operating costs across all locations and asset types. Forecast and plan accurately for up-to-date financial insights.

Manage Risk

Avoid surprises like unplanned maintenance. Twinify enables you to streamline maintenance processes, identify potential issues before they occur, and make data-driven decisions to optimize O&M on a continual basis.

Improve ROI & Grow

More effective management results in better asset performance. Twinify improves the current state and helps you plan for the future, improving ROI and catalyzing business growth.
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Adopt Proactive Decision-Making

McKinsey estimates that some energy companies only use 20-30% of the data they generate on continual improvement.

Twinify incorporates your existing information — including data you aren’t currently leveraging, or didn’t know you could — into an advanced model that looks backwards and forwards to keep your present operation more secure and profitable.

Digital Twin Technology
At a Glance

What is a Digital Twin?

Digital twins are reinventing how asset-intensive industries design, build, and operate.A Twinify digital twin is a virtual copy of an assets and related systems that incorporates data, math, modeling, and simulations to create a digital representation of the past, present and future. The simulation is updated from real-time data and uses advanced modeling, machine learning, and physics-informed AI to help owners and operators understand and maximize asset efficiency.

Twinify delivers operational digital twins that provide insights to help investors, owners, and operators in asset-intensive industries make better decisions and improve business outcomes.

The Twinify Advantage

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OEM Agnostic Platform

Twinify is ideally suited for energy producers with multiple types of power generating assets. Our OEM agnostic solutions aggregate data from all generating assets in one place.

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Present and Future Visibility

Twinify offers a range of predictive solutions focused on different time horizons, connecting day-to-day plans with longer-term strategies and investment options, allowing you to act confidently today with an eye on the future.

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Extend Existing Functionality

Twinify is designed to integrate with your digital enterprise, bolstering your existing software system and delivering better agility.

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Tailored Solution, Quick Results

Twinify scales to your needs, providing tailored solutions that deliver rapid results, rather than requiring months of solution development before you can see and report value to your stakeholders.

Empowering the journey towards full digital transformation

At Twinify, we are on a mission to develop and deliver superior, future-focused digital solutions to help companies achieve world-class efficiency and competitiveness. Our vision is to empower organizations with real-time insights and predictive analytics via digital twins, enabling them to optimize operations, reduce downtime, and drive sustainable growth.

Twinify is spearheaded by veteran industry pioneers with domain expertise in power, engineering, analytics, software design, and cloud-based deployment.

We understand your business, your processes, and the problems you need to solve.

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