Gain Oversight and Performance Control

By continuously collecting and analyzing data from various sensors and systems, Twinify enables energy companies to monitor performance and make data-driven decisions that improve O&M. With Twinify, you can optimize your processes and enhance overall efficiency – across single assets or across an entire fleet – saving time and reducing costs for the energy company.

  • Backed by industry knowledge and Performance Test Codes (PTC) -defined calculations

  • Comparisons between actual and predicted data reveal hidden insights

  • Calculated KPIs clarify performance and highlight optimization opportunities

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Cost Savings

Identify and remedy costly inefficiencies through detailed performance analysis. Find across-the-board changes that generate savings without negatively impacting core KPIs. Balance cost considerations with your organization’s strategic objectives.

Data-Driven Insights

Discover opportunities for further optimization and improvement by extracting valuable insights from your data. Visualize your plant’s performance and identify trends that can help you achieve your goals.

Performance Benchmarking

Compare your assets’ performance against historical performance and peers to identify areas for improvement and implement best practices that improve your competitiveness.
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