Manage Simple Cycle Energy Assets

Simple cycle units are often overlooked but are critical to overall fleet performance and are rarely as rigorously analyzed as other units in the fleet. Twinify offers a cost-effective solution to get more value from your simple cycle data.

Individual and aggregate asset performance, health, and reliability is easy to visualize using Twinify digital twins.

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Simple Cycle

Combustion Turbine Use Case

Many organizations are missing out on value hidden in their data. Learn how Twinify eliminates information silos and centralizes data so combustion turbine operators can stay ahead of the market.

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Less time-to-market for new capabilities

Achieve faster ROI with digital twins and see results in months instead of years. Up to 60% less time to deployment of an asset under development.


More efficient technology

Overall improvements to efficiency are possible through the comprehensive modeling provided by digital twins.

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Run diagnostics remotely

Review asset data to find performance problems and make timely decisions. Digital twin characteristics map directly to your asset’s behavior for realistic modeling and performance predictions.

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Plan fleet maintenance

Estimate maintenance needs based on calculated use, anomalous behavior, and expected wear and tear. Adapt models with adjustments for different materials, environmental conditions, or other operating conditions.

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Improve performance

Evaluate performance during and after startup to find relevant insights and support decision making. Create scenarios to evaluate potential design, production, and operations improvements.

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