Manage Green Energy Assets

Find the data and predictions you need to maintain your energy networks and deliver more value for your business. Sustainable green energy needs reliability, performance, and cost effectiveness to provide for today and tomorrow’s grid – digital twins help providers reduce costs and maximize output.

Twinify uses near-real-time sensor data, machine learning, and the latest science to monitor and improve solar and battery installations.

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Solar Field Use Case

See how Twinify allows solar fields to go beyond fault codes and solve challenges with better visibility. Stakeholders can gain deeper insight and context with a proactive approach provided by digital twins.

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Less time-to-market for new capabilities

Achieve faster ROI with digital twins and see results in months instead of years. Up to 60% less time to deployment of an asset under development.


More efficient technology

Overall improvements to efficiency are possible through the comprehensive modeling provided by digital twins.

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Proactively Solve Problems

With digital twins of your fleet available, you can think ahead to make better decisions and save money, time, and investment. Machine learning and artificial intelligence enable more proactive solutions and help engineers mitigate potential issues before they occur.

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Aggregate and Make Sense of Your Data

Improve operational function throughout your business with access to core, relevant, and timely information. Bring together a range of KPIs from across your fleet in a straightforward dashboard for at-a-glance system health information. Review data by site, region, and fleet.

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Discover New Insights

With new analyses and calculated results, you can uncover more accurate and actionable information by revealing more context. Teams can find the optimal time to schedule repairs, predict behavior in changing climate conditions, and more.

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