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Solar Performance Application

The Twinify Performance Application focuses on metrics showing how well your solar equipment is performing. Gain insights into your entire fleet’s performance and production metrics with an eye on future production and anomaly detection. Asset managers are provided with a fleet, site, and inverter overview that includes a digital twin with best-in-class engineering math, modeling, and visuals that can be deployed at scale across an enterprise-wide portfolio.

Combustion Turbine Fuel Performance Application

Twinify’s Combustion Turbine Fuel Performance Application provides in-depth understanding of the performance, fuel consumption, and general health of energy assets and provides KPI reporting. Strengthen asset performance using insights from the field and boost energy generation, reduce resource usage, and achieve operational goals. See how existing performance aligns with expectations and fleet norms for similar turbines.

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Combustion Turbine Maintenance Application

Twinify’s Maintenance Application helps asset owners comprehend equipment performance degradation using fundamental principles, engineering expertise and industry standards. By analyzing historical data and asset health, owners gain insights into current conditions over an extended timeline – aiding in maintenance and overhaul planning. Additionally, the application allows financial analysts to assess initial investment and ROI accross standard and expedited maintenance options. Twinify also offers tools that translate data into easily shareable reports for team members and leadership.

Combustion Turbine Strategy and Exploration

Twinify’s Strategy and Exploration Application assists asset managers in evaluating the utilization, performance, and maintenance of gas turbine power plants. Devise scenarios to brainstorm, analyze, compare, and adapt strategies. Investigate potential actions and capital investment options and their impact on operations and maintenance of your equipment. Evaluate the opportunity cost associated with adjusting your operations or improving plant equipment in a simulation environment.

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